The Divorce

June 6th, 8pm

Location: Apple Store, San Francisco, CA 94108

"OK, That'l be one hundred and sixty three dollars and seven cents"

I glance down at the product in my hand wondering if I'm making a mistake but quickly brush aside my doubt, confident that things will be better this time.

I hand over my card, scribble down my signature and march back to my hotel.

I've just purchased the UP 24, the one thing I swore I would never buy from Jawbone again.

3 and a half months later

I'm standing outside the front of the hotel in Cyprus, staring down at the broken mess of an UP band before me, wondering why on earth I've put myself in this situation again.

After slowly pulling the broken piece out of UP band, I couldn't help but wonder what I had done to cause it to fail again. I learnt my lesson after having the second generation UP replaced 3 times in 5 months that it's a fragile piece of kit and had decided that despite the UP24 once again being advertised as shower-proof, I wouldn't shower with it on.

It seems that taking the band off once a day to shower had had the unintended side effect of causing a breakage in the internal boards, it's just a battle I can't win. A month later and quite a few emails back and forth with Jawbone Support and my new band has arrived. I had to wait because they didn't have my model (Onyx, Medium) in stock for a week or so, so I had a broken band for quite some time before the new one arrived.

The end

This week Jawbone has announced their new UP 3 and UP Move. The UP 3 boasts a load of new features and looks like it moves most of the electronics out of the sides of the band (That often get bent) into the top which might resolve some of the issues.

I'm afraid it's just too late to save the relationship, so I'm divorcing Jawbone. Acting like there is a piece of delicate china wrapped around my wrist and pleading with Jawbone Support every month and a half for a replacement isn't the way I want my fitness tracking to be. I've decided to give the Fitbit Charge HR a go when it becomes available in the UK, and put Jawbone behind me.

So this is it, Jawbone. I love my Big Jambox to bits and it performs wonderfully but your unreliable UP band and painful customer support proceedures have pushed me over the edge.

I've marked the divorce papers where you need to sign. I'm sorry it had to end like this.

Yours truly,
Matt Cheetham