Thoughts on Glass

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It's stopped again. None of us could really figure out why but occasionally Glass just chooses an option in the menu it doesn't want you to use and well, stops listening for it. This is the story of how I spent 22 hours with Google Glass.

Getting Started

Glass and I didn't get off to a great start. The unit was dead so I plugged it into the wall charger and left it alone for about 2 hours to do it's thing. It's pretty little display animated a charing battery and the little indicator light glowed softly at the back letting me know that soon I would be able to take it for a spin.

Unfortunately these were all lies, as two hours later, it was still completely dead. Moving it across the office to a different plug socket resulted in the unit turning on in just a few minutes and begining its charge. About an hour and a half later, Glass was good to go.


Watching someone use Glass is strange. If you've ever seen a dog stare intently at the corner of a room like there is someone stood there, it's comparable to the intense yet hazy look you get from someone actively engaging with Glass.

"I'm paying attention I promise" and "No I'm not using it right now" are two phrases you find yourself using again and again. Stack those alongside "No, I'm not recording you", "It's called Google Glass" and "Mum you won't understand... no.... just think of it as a computer I've strapped to my head okay?" and you feel like you're using as many canned responses as the social media team at Sky.


Oh the audio. It's all well and good saying you use some fancy bone conduction technology to put the sound into your head, but it kind of helps if it even remotely works. Google is already aware of how bad it is and now supplies an earpiece that you can stylishly attatch with each unit.

"Are you okay? I can't hear you it sounds like you're drowning!"

Making a phone call outdoors is definitely a no-go. I frantically pulled my phone from my pocket and switched the call back over so my mum didn't dispatch medical assistance to my flat. Funnily enough, having a phone pressed against my ear whilst using Glass made me feel like more of an idiot than just wearing Glass in public, which leads me to my next point


"Are you seriously going to wear that on your way home from work?"

Unfortunately the people of planet earth don't deal so well with anything abnormal and having a bright white camera jutting out from glasses with no lenses really draws the attention in. I even had one woman who appeared to cover her face as she passed me as if there was some bright red recording light beaming down on her most personal details when in reality, Glass wasn't on at all.

Not for me

Honestly, I'm not ready to use Glass yet. I was bored after half a day with it and in reality it's much quicker to pull your phone out and reply than it is to interact with glass and dictate your response 7 times until it's heard you properly.

I understand this is a developer preview and that the final unit will be better and have a better selection of apps, but it's definitely not ready yet.

I think that Glass might be a better device for helping people like Firefighters in their job rather than the general public.

Looks like I can go spend $1500 elsewhere...